• Vision Of The Night

JSC "Ekran-optical systems" today - is innovative high-tech enterprise, which strategic goal is rushing up to the undisputed leadership in the area of quality and technical parameters of products.

Over 50 years we are dealing with image intensifier tubes, within these years we are continually working to improve the design, improve production technology and modernization of material and technical base, and the team of our company consists of highly talented engineers and professionals.

Using the valuable experience of previous generations, we step by step have learn both to surpass our own achievements, and the achievements of the world's leading manufacturers, this helps us to put on our products on the same level with best world's models.

Production of JSC "Ekran-optical system" designed by professionals and is designed for professionals, this is why Marketing Assistants are not engaged in the development and introduction of new technological solutions, only highly qualified professional engineers engaged in it.

Using the experience of previous generations, we focus on technological progress, so the image intensifier tubes of JSC "Ekran-optical system" - are innovative technologies multiplied by the quality in the best tradition.


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