• Vision Of The Night

The history of JSC "Ekran-optical systems” was started in 1954, the company was the first soviet enterprise producing components for night vision. Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT) of «0» generation and Photo Multiplier Tubes (PMT) were developed first. The company team had won the name of the leading manufacturer of Image Intensifier Tubes of «0» generation in Russia and became one of the leaders in production of the PMT, which provided products for needs of medicine, radiation dosimetry, researches, geodesy, astronavigation and space technology.

The gradual accumulation of knowledge within the continuous technology improvement was the foundation for the development of products «2+» generation and the company formation as one of the main producers of IIT «2+» generation in Russia. At the moment, the company is keeping pace with the times. Having built a strong technical base multiplied on fifty years of experience, no matter what, we move on - more than 200 modifications «2+» generation Image Intensifier Tubes of different models and devices, including products with white phosphor «Polar» line have been developed.

Over 90% of our products are being sold to foreign markets, to more than 50 countries around the world. JSC "Ekran-optical systems" has consolidated its position in the world market, moreover the company is a monopolist in the production of IIT of «0» generation.

Well-coordinated team of technicians and engineers does not stop at achieved level, developing and modifying products, that allow us to stand on the same stage with the best world standard. Unique technologies of the company allow us to produce devices even for exceptional customer requirements. Of course, it is extremely difficult to get all customers loyalty, but we do not cease to strive for new heights.


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